Cooker lukewarm: shortstop rumors get awfully specific, some hope for Cubs, astros meet Contreras, deGrom, Nimmo, Rays, etc.

Cooker lukewarm: shortstop rumors get awfully specific, some hope for Cubs, astros meet Contreras, deGrom, Nimmo, Rays, etc.

This offseason (perhaps it’s just a particularly sassy series of GM meetings) has already delivered an unusually high volume of rumors. I really like. I mean, this is a list of *only* Cubs-specific things from the last 24 hours or so.

And on the speculation front, there are plausible angles of interest for guys like Kenley Jansen, Pablo Lopez and Giancarlo Stanton. What a crazy start!

Here are some of the latest news from the rumor mill.

On Tuesday, Jesse Rogers was on ESPN 1000 offering some details on the shortstop market, including how players are intertwined and how the Cubs *might* get involved (something he doesn’t consider particularly likely).

“Trea Turner, shortstop, great shortstop, everyone’s talking about him going to Philadelphia. If that happens, the Dodgers would probably replace him (with Dansby Swanson). If Swanson leaves the Braves, he’d go to LA

That leaves (Carlos) Correa and (Xander) Bogaerts…. Listen to this buzz: the Dodgers and Yankees wouldn’t be interested in Carlos Correa, because of the scandal, because of the cheating…. Maybe one of them, Bogaerts or Correa, falls to the Cubs, but that’s the strategy.

This is very useful and very specific stuff! The Phillies are big on Turner, which could force the Dodgers to focus on Dansby Swanson (a 1-2 punch we discussed earlier). Plus, the Dodgers and Yankees are likely on Correa because of the scandal. I do not necessarily buy it, but noted. And that’s not all !

Rogers returned to ESPN 1000 this afternoon and added some more context to his remarks about the Cubs and the shortstop market. Specifically, he says there’s virtually no chance the Cubs will end up with Trea Turner, and Dansby Swanson is also fairly unlikely. On the other hand, he thinks that there is a chance for Bogaerts or Correa, but he just doesn’t think the Cubs will go more than five or six years. So it should fall just right for them.

In (moderate) contrast, Gordon Wittenmyer says ‘the Cubs will be involved this winter in the deep end of the big-name shortstop market’, conceding they have ‘no appetite’ for another 8-year contract …and “probably not even a contract a year or two less,” which… okay, well, how involved are you going to be then?

Wittenmyer says to “seek maybe a five-year offer for Trea Turner or Xander Bogaerts,” and that the Cubs would also be a “serious player” for Carlos Correa. Although he immediately adds that Correa is looking for the longest deal in the group, which could reduce interest from the Cubs.

But then again, if you’re not ready to go all the way that it’s going to take to sign a guy… are you really a serious gamer? No. More from Brett here on the messy situation involving shortstops and contract lengths.

On a related note: The Mets’ supposed interest in Trea Turner has been met with so much resistance since her first fall. Here’s the latest via the New York Post. I think it was always overdone, Jacob deGrom on board or not.

Jacob deGrom suitors and cost

Speaking of which, Jesse Rogers seems absolutely certain that deGrom ends up with Rangers, which is not an uncommon belief. And while Jon Heyman agrees they’re an obvious landing spot, he’s also pumping the brakes pretty seriously, saying “they have multiple needs and don’t look set to win now.”

Immediately after that, Heyman mentions the Cubs, Dodgers and Giants as possible suitors for deGrom, but is even softer on those possibilities than he is for Rangers. I wouldn’t make you hope. And it’s not much of a surprise at this point, but an unnamed CEO told Heyman that “deGrom is going to get $40 million (a year).”

(Significant) Of odds and ends

  • Heyman: After trying and failing for Freddie Freeman last offseason, the Rays “look like they’re looking at a big acquisition” this offseason, especially a left-handed outfielder – who has a serious overlap with the Cubs, if that outfielder has to. play in the center field. Though maybe they’ll opt for that new Japanese batting champion heading to the United States? Heyman suggests the target could be Brandon Nimmo, who has also been loosely linked to the Cubs this offseason.
  • On a related note, Heyman pushes back against the idea that the Rockies could step up the pursuit of Nimmo, which we discussed recently.
  • Houston Astros meet free agent and former Cub wide receiver Willson Contreras, even though they canceled a deal at the trade deadline:
  • On ESPN 1000, Jesse Rogers had a glimpse of the Contreras market, pushing WAY on the possibility of him ending up with the Cardinals (same as the Rays, Cubs and Giants), although he believed there might be legs to rumors of a Javy-Willson reunion in Detroit.
  • To this end, Mike Petriello comes to the defense of Contreras:
  • The Marlins wanted Gleyber Torres *and* Oswald Peraza for Pablo Lopez and Miguel Rojas at the trade deadline, which is STEEP. The Yankees responded (I don’t know with what), and that was the end of negotiations. If the Marlins stick with a price on Lopez suggested by that request, there’s no way the Cubs will. Although theoretically, with one less post-season and many other alternatives available, the price should be very low. Also, Lopez wasn’t so good after the deadline: 4.40 ERA (3.94 FIP)
  • The Cubs are “very interested in Japanese right-hander Koudai Senga,” according to Gordon Wittenmyer. Which matches what we’ve heard so far.
  • According to Jon Morosi, the Rays are discussing first baseman Ji-Man Choi, as well as right-handers Ryan Yarbrough, Yonny Chirinos and Shawn Armstrong in trade talks this week. It makes sense and pairs well with this educated speculation:
  • Rafael Devers and the Red Sox are no closer to an extension:

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