Everything we saw at today's Nintendo Global Showcase

Everything we saw at today’s Nintendo Global Showcase

A screenshot from Casus Ludi's narrative adventure game Blanc showing a wolf cub and a fawn in a monochromatic, frosty environment.

This game, Whitewill probably mess me up emotionally.
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Nintendo wrapped up its Indie World Showcase today, highlighting a ton of upcoming and just-launched games for the Switch. There’s a bit of everything here, from a cute puzzle with a playful cat to a fox and dog-like an adventure game. This standalone presentation was quite extensive, so let’s get into everything that was shown:



A wholesome narrative cooking game about an Indian mother who recently immigrated to Canada, developer Visai Games’ Venba it looks like it’s going to tug on all the heart strings. Telling a story of reconnecting with his heritage, you’ll cook up a variety of mouth-watering South Indian dishes while using branching conversations to uncover this tale of love and loss. Venba is coming to Nintendo Switch this spring.

goodbye world


goodbye world, developed by YO FUJII, is another such game about games. Specifically, this pixelated narrative adventure is about two friends searching for the perfect idea for their next game. So, you’ll play through various levels of puzzle platforming as the protagonists polish their ideas and face the pressure that game development can put on a friendship. Evocative stuff. goodbye world lands on Switch this month.

happy death


Developer Magic Design Studios’ happy death has been out for six months now, and the 2D action roguelike is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch. You play as the CEO of Death Inc. Death as he fights his way through the corporate underworld to “restore the work-death balance” with 70 different weapons and spells at your disposal. And, of course, you are Death! You can’t die, so you can use what you’ve earned and learned to improve with each run. happy death falls on March 22, 2023.



A.k.a by developer Cosmo Gatto is a low-key “little open-world game” with a single goal: to help retired warrior Aka find inner peace on a remote island paradise. You’ll explore handcrafted environments like rainforests and scorching hot springs while performing tasks like building shelters and feeding adorable baby dragons. it gives me a little A short hike vibes. A.k.a lands on Nintendo Switch on December 15.

pepper mill


A fast-paced 2D action-adventure game, developer Ahr Ech’s pepper mill puts you in the shoes of the treasure hunt for Pepper, who was shipwrecked and stolen. Now, with your trusty drill in tow, you must recover what was stolen from you by digging up the terrain, solving tricky puzzles and smashing bosses to a pulp. There’s no firm launch date yet, but pepper mill is slated for release in 2023.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly


Toge Productions is back with the sequel to one of my favorite narrative barista games, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly. With an expanded drink menu and an even more robust cast of characters, this feels like a relaxing visual novel with a vibrant, lofi soundtrack. Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly is coming this spring.

Oni: Road To Be The Mighty Oni


Coming from the label team developers Kenei Design and Shueisha Games, Oni: Road To Be The Mighty Oni is about a demon warrior who, after getting his ass kicked by a Japanese fairy tale hero, teams up with a spirit to become stronger than before. You simultaneously control the demon warrior Kuuta and the spirit Kazemaru, using Kuuta’s club to bludgeon enemies so Kazemaru can suck their souls for power. Oni: Road To Be The Mighty Oni will launch on March 9, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

Desta: the memories between


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and Monument Valley creators ustwo games are back with another character-driven narrative adventure that features roguelite elements in Desta: the memories between. You play as the eponymous character who enters a mysterious dream world filled with scattered memories each time he falls asleep. These memories, of forgotten places and old faces, also contain orbs allowing Desta to play a surreal turn-based ball game as you perform perfect throws and trick shots while altering the course of player interactions. characters. Desta: the memories between looks like a combination of dodgeball academy and bonfireand fall in early 2023.

A space for the unrelated


A space for the unrelated, developed by Mojiken, is a slice-of-life adventure set in rural Indonesia in the late 90s. Following high school sweethearts Atma and Raya, the game shows the two navigating through feelings of anxiety and depression while using newly discovered supernatural powers to prevent the end of the world. Very cute, very cataclysmic. A space for the unrelated arrives on January 19, 2023.



Dordogne in collaboration with Un Je Ne Sais Quoi studios and Umanimation is an adventure game about Mimi, a young woman in search of her mysteriously forgotten childhood memories. You play as Mimi in the past and present to reconnect her to herself, as she returns to her grandmother’s house to find a series of letters constructing a facsimile of Mimi’s past. It feels incredibly touching as the story seeks to establish the connection between grandmother and granddaughter, something I feel quite keenly as someone who lost their grandmother earlier this year. Dordogne comes out this spring.

Botanical Manor


If you’ve ever wanted to be a master gardener, developer Balloon Studios has you covered with Botanical Manor. An exploration adventure puzzle, Botanical Manor puts you in control of Arabella Greene, a retired botanist with a huge estate all to herself. As the name suggests, this game is about taking care of a huge garden, tending to leaves, propagating seedlings, solving herbal puzzles, that sort of thing. Although there is no release date yet, Botanical Manor will be released on Nintendo Switch next year.

Once upon a time there was a jester


From the Colorful Evening developers, Once upon a time there was a jester is a casual adventure game about improvising a theater performance to be invited to the Royal Theatrical Spectacle at the Royal Palace. But of course, the protagonists Sok and Jester have a mischievous ulterior motive: to steal the royal diamond, which is in the company of the king. So to get close enough to the diamond, you must put on the best plays and puppet shows the kingdom has ever seen using your exceptional or terrible improv skills to get that coveted invitation. Once upon a time there was a jester will be available later today.

Rogue Legacy 2


Launched on Steam earlier this year, developer Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 is a roguelike Metroidvania where each run is different from the last. While you might be a dwarf with vertigo one minute or a giant who can’t jump the next, the goal is always the same: collect wealth, fortify your castle and establish your legacy, with all your upgrades transferred between races. Rogue Legacy 2 will also be available later today, and the Nintendo Switch version comes with tons of new items and subclasses.



A monochromatic adventure game about a wolf cub and a fawn, Casus Ludi’s White tells the story of two animals who must rely on each other to navigate a vast snowy desert. You’ll follow in the family footsteps of the two creatures, solving environmental puzzles along the way, all with the goal of bringing them home. White, with his fox and dog vibes, will launch on February 14, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

A little to the left


A cute and cozy puzzler, Max Inferno Games’ A little to the left is about finding satisfying puzzles hidden among household objects. If you can imagine Marie Kondo creating a game, it would be while tidying up various disparate environments, arranging things like that. A little to the left also has a mischievous and caressing cat that will ruin your perfect arrangements when it drops later in the day.

sports history


The closing of the Nindies Showcase was an update for Sidebar Games sports history, an adventure RPG about… sports. Now, instead of golf, football and other expected sports, new activities have been added including BMX and cricket. You can do quests, relax at the mall, and explore dungeons in a narrative that’s not just about sports, although sports are the focal point here. sports history comes out next month.

Everything else

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