Aaron Carter had 'an obsession' with brother Nick, friend says

Aaron Carter had ‘an obsession’ with brother Nick, friend says

Aaron Carter had an unhealthy “obsession” with his older brother, Nick Carter, and “cried” for his love for years, the tragic star’s friend told Page Six.

Gary Madatyan – a longtime friend of the ‘I’m All About You’ singer – claimed Aaron often spoke about mending his relationship with the Backstreet Boys singer, until his untimely death in a bathtub at his home on Saturday.

Madatyan further alleged that Aaron’s mental illness has strained the singer’s relationship with his family and his fiancée, Melanie Martin. Still, he wanted to make amends with the people he had hurt.

“I wish he could have done a bit more as Aaron’s blood relative,” Madatyan said of Nick. “I don’t judge him. I don’t say anything bad because I respect him. He’s a talented artist. I love him, but Aaron was obsessed with his brother.

Selfie of Gary Madatyan and Aaron Carter.
Gary Madatyan says Aaron Carter desperately wanted to mend his relationship with his older brother Nick Carter.

He added: “People with mental illness think differently. He… pushed, pushed for that attention. Aaron did things he never should have done to his brother, but we’re talking sanity. He was screaming for help. »

Despite their estranged relationship, a rep for Aaron said the siblings were “in a good place” before he was found unresponsive at his home in Lancaster, Calif., on November 5.

“He looked up to Nick in so many ways. They were trying to fix everything again,” the singer’s rep said Monday.


Aaron “admired Nick” even amid their turmoil.


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Aaron “admired Nick” even amid their turmoil.

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Friends (and probably an enemy or two) remembered him at…

Madatyan further alleged to us that he had become alarmed over the past few months when “new faces” began to insert themselves into Aaron’s life.

He said the singer was working on new music and had made it his goal to improve his life so he could regain custody of his 11-month-old son Prince.

“It breaks my heart that no one was there for him,” Madatyan said. “Different types of people were taking him out and using his addiction and his mental illness… They used his name for publicity purposes.

“I said to him, ‘Look, I don’t like this. I love you so much and will do anything for you, but let me help you. It’s not OK, bro. You are not going on the right path with your life.

Madatyan said his friend was also worried about his finances. Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman claimed he spoke to Aaron about stepping into the ring to fight actor Andy Dick.

“We talked about it two weeks ago, but he never got back to me,” Feldman told Page Six.

“That’s how he was. It’s sincere that he left. He was such a big part of Celebrity Boxing’s comeback.

Madatyan and Martin were allowed through the pop star’s Lancaster home after Los Angeles County medical examiner-coroner officials took Aaron’s remains for examination.

Madatyan claimed there were no drugs or anything suspicious when he examined the whole house, “except the water in the tub…it was strange, yellowish water.”

Aaron and Nick Carter on stage.
Aaron was “pushing” and “pushing” to try and get his brother’s attention.
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TMZ reported that spray cans were found inside the house, but Madatyan claimed he did not see them.

Madatyan said his best friend of 12 years had a lot of plans and didn’t talk about hurting himself.

“Aaron loved life and he would never have killed himself,” Madatyan said.

Aaron Carter and Nick Carter pose in front of the steps of Central Park
The late singer’s addiction has impacted his relationship with friends and family.
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Aaron, 34, was very open about his drug addiction and mental health issues. In 2019, the singer appeared on the talk show “The Doctors” and confessed to taking medication for anxiety, manic depression and multiple personality disorder.

That same year, his twin sister, Angel, and Nick filed a restraining order against Aaron.

Madatyan said the order to stay away from his family hurt the singer deeply.

“He would say, [Nick] does not want me to succeed… he hates me,” Madatyan claimed. “I said, ‘I don’t think so. Maybe you should try and talk to him. He wanted to fix that relationship, but you can tell he was kind of really lonely.

Nick Carter pretends to bite Aaron Carter's finger.
Nick filed a restraining order against Aaron in 2019.

He continued: “He had already admitted he abused drugs, admitted he had mental health issues, but no one just came to hold his hand. I’m not here to judge anyone, but if my brother had a mental illness, I would never give him an injunction. It was really painful for him. Mental illness is not a choice.

Madatyan claimed he tried many times to get him back to the Los Angeles area so he could help manage his life, but there were “other influences” around him.

Aaron and Nick Carter
Aaron had been open about his mental health issues for years before his tragic passing.
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“I was always hugging him and saying, ‘You’re not alone, Aaron,'” he said. “But sometimes that wasn’t enough. I’m not mad at his family, but you know how much he loved [Nick]. When a blood relative puts in the effort, it means more than any friend around them.

“What I want people to know is…never give up on someone who is struggling with a mental health issue, because there will come a time when it may be too late. I don’t want anyone regretting that they were able to do something when they didn’t. It’s the worst feeling you can have. »

A representative for Nick did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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