CFP rankings: TCU gets due respect, Clemson slumps

CFP rankings: TCU gets due respect, Clemson slumps

With half of the top six teams on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee losing over the weekend, a reshuffle on Tuesday was inevitable. We got it. It wasn’t a tailspin, but we saw a series of big drops for Tennessee, Alabama and Clemson that could have long-term effects.

Let’s do a full review of what the committee did, breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Ranking TCU undefeated fourth and Tennessee fifth with a loss are deserved.

The Volunteers have very good wins over No. 9 Alabama and No. 7 LSU on the road, and the selection committee also gives them tangible credit for beating No. 24 Kentucky. But that loss to Georgia had to leave a mark, and it did. Selection committee chairman Boo Corrigan said on a conference call Tuesday that his group views both the Volunteers’ 14-point loss and Oregon’s 46-point loss to the No. 1 Bulldogs as one-sided. , and they were.

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