Ridge and Brooke's marriage ends amid tears and raised voices

Ridge and Brooke’s marriage ends amid tears and raised voices

At Brooke’s, she tells Ridge that she didn’t sign the cancellation papers because she can’t believe this is happening. He says it is not easy for him either. She wants him to tear them up and asks him again to tell her why this is happening.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Thomas that she can’t believe their dad is finally doing it. Thomas thinks Brooke has to accept that their father is done with her. Steffy wonders what pushed him over the edge. Thomas declares that they can finally move on without her. Seeing everyone so happy in their life is worth it.

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In the design office, Liam tells Hope that he would like to avoid Thomas while he is there. She says he and Steffy are having a meeting. Liam raves about what she achieved the other night and asks if she’s on a crazy high right now. Hope didn’t have time to think about what with all the orders and interview requests. Liam expresses his pride, even though he wishes Thomas wasn’t a key part of it.
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Liam asks Hope if she understands where he’s coming from when it comes to Thomas. She flashes on Thomas trying to kiss her and assures her husband that she knows she has to be careful with him. Katie walks in and asks if they heard – Ridge served annulment papers on Hope’s mother. Hope’s jaw drops.

In the main office, Taylor joins her children and wants to know what is going on. Steffy thinks she’ll want to take the rest of the day and celebrate when she hears the news.

At Brooke’s, she tells Ridge that it’s not the end; they had just moved in. Ridge argues, “The damage has been done. You see that.” Brooke yells, “What damage? I don’t understand! What is this?! What makes you want to end our marriage?!?”
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At the design office, Hope can’t believe that Ridge actually does this. Liam agrees; none of them really expected this to last. They complain that Thomas and Steffy are pressuring Ridge to reunite with Taylor. Hope finds it all so weird. She wonders if it’s the situation with Douglas or her mother’s worries about Douglas. Katie complains that it’s almost like he has to choose between his two families. Hope can’t understand why it all went to hell and blurts out, “What happened?”

In the main office, Taylor guesses that Steffy is pregnant, but she tells him that’s not it. Thomas and Steffy spend some time baiting her by telling her about a bright future before revealing that Ridge has done something major. ” That happens. Dad finally serves Brooke with cancellation papers.

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At Brooke’s, Ridge tells Brooke he doesn’t want this – he doesn’t want any of this. Neither does Brooke. She just wants him to be there with her. He can’t do that. Brooke maintains that they have everything they need, he just needs to communicate with her. “What is it? Is it Bill? Ridge says it’s neither Bill nor Deacon. He blows that all he wanted from her was a little humanity, a little kindness, a little forgiveness!” He cries, “That’s my boy! You abandoned my boy, my flesh and blood in the worst possible way! Brooke gapes, “Thomas? Thomas?” Ridge, moved, says he can’t fight her anymore. Brooke wipes away a tear.
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In the design office, Hope, Katie and Liam wonder what made Ridge leave Brooke. “It all went south when Ridge followed Steffy and Taylor to Aspen.” Liam found this abrupt and Hope complains that Steffy was pleading for her father to find her mother. Liam wants to blame Thomas. Katie points out that Ridge is a grown man who can make his own choices. Liam thinks Thomas used the Douglas case to drive a wedge between them and he’s still not doing any good.

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In the main office, Steffy tells Taylor that her father is calling off his marriage to Brooke, which means he wants to start a life with her immediately. Taylor says he didn’t tell her he was doing this today. She can tell that something is weighing on him. Steffy replies that of course he feels guilty for dumping Brooke, but it’s the best thing that can happen to Taylor and Ridge. Taylor is happy, but she wants Ridge to be happy too. Thomas maintains that she makes him happy. Taylor is glad to have followed through on this, but Brooke is very important to him and there are conflicting feelings with him. Thomas states that Brooke is gone and that they should pop champagne and celebrate because she is gone for good.
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At Brooke’s, she mystified that it was Thomas. She expressed concern about whether he can be Douglas’ full-time parent, but that’s no reason for a cancellation. Ridge complains, “You couldn’t even find a little place in your heart. Not at all.” Brooke wishes she could believe he’s changed for the good, but the fact is she thinks he’s responsible for some of the problems they’ve had in their marriage. He’s manipulative and not everything. utterly truthful. Ridge snaps, “Did you say truthful? Well, let’s be honest. Is there anything you want to tell me about Thomas?”
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In the design office, Hope asks if Liam is implying that Thomas had anything to do with Ridge and his mother’s breakup. Liam feels it’s a mystery but he can’t help but think that Thomas is popping a champagne bottle somewhere. Whenever things go wrong and no one can figure out why, it’s Thomas. Why should it be any different.

In the main office, Taylor fears something is wrong and Ridge will change his mind and do the old switcheroo like he used to. Steffy and Thomas reassure her.

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At Brooke’s, she wants to know what Thomas has to do with their relationship and marriage. Ridge loves him and always will. Brooke tells him he doesn’t have to go through this and be with Taylor. Ridge thought it was going to be both forever, but he can’t do that. Brooke asks why not – he hasn’t even told her what it is! Ridge stops him so Brooke says he’s made up his mind clearly. “You want to be with Taylor. I’m not going to stand in your way. She walks over and sits down in front of the cancellation papers. As she grabs the pen to sign, Ridge grabs her. Looking at her with a tear on his cheek, he hands it to her. He cries as she signs on the dotted line to end their marriage. Afterwards, he picks up the papers, caresses her cheek and leaves. Brooke exhales.

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