Zanab Jaffrey in Netflix Season 3 Reunion Episode

Zanab and Cole on their wedding shock

Spoiler alert! The following post contains important details about Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 3 Finale.

It’s a time for the history books of reality TV.

After getting engaged without being seen and living together for four weeks, ‘Love Is Blind’ contestant Zanab Jaffrey said “I’m not doing it” to fiancé Cole Barnett – but not without some searing words about her blatant disrespect for her.

Throughout the Netflix dating show’s third season (all episodes are now airing), Cole and Zanab have repeatedly argued over how he undermined her. Like other couples on the show, Cole proposed to Zanab after about a week of dating in “pods,” small rooms where contestants can only talk through walls. They then met in person and moved in with each other.

Shortly after their engagement, Cole flirted with actor Colleen Reed at a pool party, telling Zanab that she is less attractive than Colleen. Later in the season, Just days before their wedding, Cole confronted Zanab about her apparent mood swings and asked her if she was “bipolar”.

Zanab Jaffrey in Netflix Season 3 Reunion Episode

So when it came time to get married, Zanab decided to take Cole to task in front of all his friends and family.

“The last two months haven’t been perfect,” Zanab said at their wedding. “You disrespected me. You insulted me. You criticized me. And for what it’s worth, you single-handedly shattered my self-confidence. And I hate that you had that kind of effect on me.

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