Save over 50% on Samsung wireless headphones and $70 on a Vizio soundbar setup

Save over 50% on Samsung wireless headphones and $70 on a Vizio soundbar setup

Listen: there's a week left until Turkey Day and it's getting much closer to gift-giving season.  Here are some must-have bargains to add to your list.  (Photo: Wal-Mart)

Listen: there’s a week left until Turkey Day, and it’s getting a lot closer to gift-giving season. Here are some must-have bargains to add (and immediately cross off!) to your list. (Photo: Wal-Mart)

Attention holiday shoppers. This time next week the turkey timer will be on – that’s right, Thanksgiving is officially a week away. And you know how fast the domino days after that. By the time all the dishes are washed and the house is clean again, it’s Black Friday (or Cyber ​​Monday); Blink, and it’ll be New Year’s Eve. All that to say: why not polish up your gift list now and free yourself to enjoy all the priceless holiday moments to come? To make this easy (and dare we say fun), we’ve teamed up with Walmart as part of their Deals for Days campaign to bring you fun ideas of all kinds. From outdoor cooking to indoor games, these are the surprises your friends and family really want – and they’re all under $150 for a limited time. Shop Walmart’s amazing deals and you’re sure to win the holidays this year.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbuds

$69$149Save $80

Podcast Addicts. Swifties. Harry Styles stays. Talk to radio junkies. If someone on your gift list is obsessed with listening, they’ll surely appreciate a new pair of headphones that will elevate the experience, no matter their age or allegiance. This set features Samsung’s largest speakers, at 12mm, and enhanced bass quality to really bring your recipient’s favorite voices to life. They also feature advanced noise cancellation technology to drown out the outside world. They are the next best thing to offering them tickets for a private recording session. These buds are selling out fast, so be sure to get your over 50% discount while you still can!

$69 at Walmart


Vizio Home Theater Soundbar

$148$219Save $71

A speaker system used to be a very complicated thing to deliver. You had to buy a ton of components separately and really get to know your giveaway space. Most of the time, you’d be better off getting an expensive service to come and wire everything up; otherwise, what you really gave your beloved was a headache. Enter the soundbar. These streamlined devices are as easy to set up as a Roku, and they amplify audio for crystal-clear listening throughout your home. This popular Vizio model – on sale now for just $148 – comes with six speakers and a wireless subwoofer for a truly cinematic experience. The main bar slides under the TV; no need to fix it to the wall. We love that it easily syncs with your phone or other devices via Bluetooth to play music, and works with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free entertainment. One satisfied shopper who called it “totally awesome” added, “Looks like I have a cinema in my house! I’m just blown away – you have to try this.” Talk about easy listening!

$148 at Walmart

3. One Professional kit at $35 for budding TikTok stars


Bower Bower Content Creator Kit with Light Ring, Adjustable Tripod and Green Screen

$35$78Save $43

Kids today just want to create content. To bond with them, you need to meet them where they are — and, for your information, that’s on TikTok. Whether their passion is makeup, music, video games or cooking, they’ll love you if you help them improve their face on screen. This all-in-one kit from Bower has everything they need to shoot high-quality video on their phones: a ring light for the perfect glow, a tripod for hands-free filming, and a green screen for unlimited potential. editing in the background. If you’re lucky, they might be so impressed that they’ll let you in on the action. You could steal this grandpa’s adorable idea and use it yourself for remote lasagna lessons: “I bought this to help me create my own cooking videos for my grandkids to so they can learn to make their favorite grandparents’ recipes,” he wrote. “They were very impressed with the quality of the production, and seeing the results myself, I highly recommend it to anyone doing a video presentation. Worth every penny!” If that’s not the cutest thing we’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is.

$35 at Walmart

4. One travel plancha for perfect camping pancakes


Blackstone Adventure Ready Propane Griddle Gift Set

$127$279Save $152

Ask us what the best part of any camping trip is, and the answer might surprise you. The hikes are pleasant. Panoramic views too. Swimming, animal watching, marveling at natural sights – it’s all great. But what we really love about the great outdoors is cooking – and eating – there. Everything tastes better at camp. The only problem is that cooking can be a bit of a hassle unless you’ve invested in all the right equipment. If you have an outdoor enthusiast in your family or group of friends, this compact 22 inch outdoor griddle can’t be missing. It’s great for burgers, vegetables, fried eggs, blueberry pancakes, and any fish they might catch. Plus, it comes with a case that makes it easy to store and carry. You can practically smell the memories they will make.

$127 at Walmart

5. Under $100 outdoor heating for fun all winter long


Mainstays Freestanding Patio Heater

$97$129Save $32

Chances are you know someone who likes to grill and entertain on their patio. Do they pack everything once the weather gets cold? Give them the gift of an extended season—and score invitations to parties year-round—with a restaurant-grade outdoor heat lamp. This heavy-duty propane-powered model puts out 48,000 BTUs of heat (that could be more than their grill!) and is a snap to light and fill. It also has reassuring safety features like an anti-tilt design and a thermocouple to prevent gas leaks. There is even a small surface to put the drinks. Just add food and drink and get the fun ready for 2023.

$97 at Walmart

Want to save even more? Make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. It’s easy to sign up for your 30-day free trial here. You’ll get free grocery delivery, savings on gas and prescriptions, exclusive access to top deals, and more. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

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