What are we all playing this weekend?

What are we all playing this weekend?

I recently bought a new vacuum cleaner, or I guess a first vacuum cleaner, the first vacuum cleaner I actually own. After decades of a crappy vacuum cleaner that my owners threw in a closet rather than throw it away, here I am, a vacuum cleaner owner. Did you know: a vacuum cleaner, when pushed on a floor, sucks up dust? And keep the dust inside? Surprising. Really a joy to do some vacuuming this week. Also, I bought a Shark, and Shark owners seem to get really excited when they hear someone bought a Shark, so I guess I’m part of (another) gang now. In any event! What are you playing this weekend?

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I keep having unfinished business in Elden Ring, which is basically the whole game. It’s a big game and it’s hard, and I’m progressing very slowly. I appreciate all the grotesque horrors and the man who was turned into a shrub, though.


I’m fighting in the Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector campaign before it leaves Game Pass. XCOM is about as deep into turn-based tactics as I am, so I like to gently venture deeper into the genre in the comfort of a familiar setting. I hope the plot and the characters will become less boring.


We’re ramping up towards the end of 2022 and, being a full-time working parent, I don’t feel like I’ve played enough games this year. I always try to jump on any intriguing game that pops up on PC Game Pass when I can. I really need to sit down and try out some of the ones that got away, before the game of the year season hits our star system like the Unicron game. My mission this weekend is to jump into Microsoft Flight Simulator, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and try to crack the surface of Pentiment and Somerville, if I can. Why are there so many games? !



It’s all about Warzone 2 for me. The first got me through the peak of the pandemic, so I’m beyond excited to reunite with my friends and chase those Warzone wins again.


God Of War Ragnarok has taken up most of my evenings this week, so I’m hoping to wrap it all up over the weekend. I’m getting a little tired of throwing my ax everywhere, and Pentiment caught my eye. I don’t think I can handle both at the same time, so hopefully Kratos can go through the nine realms a little faster.


Not much time for games this weekend, half sad, though at some point I want to dust off my neglected Game Pass subscription to check out Somerville and/or Pentiment.


I’m visiting family this weekend, but I’m going to sneak into Somerville and play Pentiment wherever I can. It’s totally normal to solve a medieval murder mystery while hosting a birthday dinner, right?


Another week, another new batch of games to occupy my limited free time. What will it be this weekend? Warzone 2.0 probably. More Persona 5 (I’ve reached the second palace now, and I think it might be one of the best games I’ve ever played?). I never went back to Overwatch 2. Sonic Frontiers is still on my recently played list. There is too much. There’s too much.


I didn’t expect to be too impressed with Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s new DMZ mining mode, but it’s really pushing all the right buttons so far. It’s a more relaxed approach to Call Of Duty than Modern Warfare 2’s or Warzone’s battle royale mode offerings, but it still has its adrenaline-pumping moments when another player attacks you, or a battalion of heavily armored AI soldiers surrounds the building you’re locked in. There’s a lot to do, and most of it is very, very fun.


After a busy two weeks of game outings, I’m going to leave the house and head out for a fresh hike up a mountain in Wales. The cold might make me curl up on the couch with a duvet and play God Of War Ragnarök on Sunday night, but we’ll see.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Dark Pictures Anthology Launch Weekend! And unlike last year, I didn’t make the mistake of moving out the next day, so I can settle in and enjoy The Devil In Me in the kind of marathon session these games were surely intended for. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m probably going to have the lovely Jessie Buckley and her kind friends murdered in this spooky hotel.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?

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